The First Production of Bursa TEKNOSAB Will Be Started in November 2018.


Mr. İbrahim Burkay, President of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry explained that the first factories of TEKNOSAB (Bursa Technology Organized Industrial Zone) project would be completed and start producing for the first time in November 2018.
Mr. İbrahim Burkay, also President of TEKNOSAB Board investigated  sub-structure works of TEKNOSAB Project on site. Mr. Cüneyt Şener, Vice President of the Board; and Mr. Hasan Gürses, member of board; accompanied President Burkay who was informed about construction works by executives of the project to be put into practice after its foundation  will be laid in September. Making statements after his visits, Mr. İbrahim Burkay emphasized that Bursa would be the centre of high-tech production when TEKNOSAB project is completed. Pointing out that for Turkey, the way of ranking among top 10 economies in the world bases on high-tech production and export, Mr. İbrahim Burkay said “Our TEKNOSAB project is an investment that will be the symbol of new industrial revolution in Turkey. After establishment of these factories, a new era will begin for our industry. While TEKNOSAB increases power of value added production in our city, it has a potential which will makes up to 40 billion dollars of 75 billion dollars export volume projected and specified for the year of 2023.
“New Investments Will Be Increased”
Emphasizing that TEKNOSAB that was projected with “National, Reformer and Green Production” vision, would increase number of foreign-invested companies in our city, President Mr. Burkay gave information about interesting of foreign capital companies, especially China, England and Germany that have come here to confer with us. Stating that 98 foreign-invested companies made new investments in our city between 2011 and 2016 years, President Mr. Burkay said “Bursa is a city known as the capital of foreign investments, but has not attracted new investments due to having insufficient areas in recent years. We will turn to advantage this situation with TEKNOSAB Project. We are in touch with a lot of international companies. These new investments will increase employment as well as our production and export volume to top level.”
“Everything's coming up roses”
Saying that the nationalization process of TEKNOSAB was completed in a short time within 10 Weeks, President Burkay stated that they began construction of sub-structure works as a first step of the project. Stating that everything's coming up roses and would be completed as it was planned, President Burkay said “Hundreds of construction equipments and thousands of workers will work for the construction works of sub-structure during the project that will be established on 10 million square meter area. Central office of TEKNOSAB is under construction. On the other hand, the construction works of transportation network that would put TEKNOSAB through İstanbul-İzmir Highway, are going on at full steam. I hope that we would complete first turnkey factories as a part of TEKNOSAB Project that was planned to be completed in 8 different steps until November 2018.”